ZUZU HUDEK was born in 1981 in Bratislava. In the year 2005 she obtained the Master of Arts Degree after 5 years studying at Academy of Music and Performing Arts, major Stage and Costume Design in Bratislava. During the study she was awarded for a scholarship from the Ministry of Education of Slovak Republic to spend two semesters at Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow in Poland. In between she worked as a stage and costume designer for several projects In Slovakia or abroad. In years 2005/2007 she was following the MFA Scenography program at Frank Mohr Institute in Groningen. In October 2006 she won the Vrijkaart of the Jonge Harten Festival and consequently realized the project “15minmum” in Kruithuis in Groningen. In summer 2007 she obtained Master of Fine Arts degree with the end exam project ANDEND performed in Grand Theatre, Groningen. In the years 2009-2011 she cooperated with the Slovak Theatre Institute on the european project Platform 11+ focused on theatre specialy created for youngsters ( At the moment she works as an art teacher and freelance set and costume designer. Lately she directed her own visual performance “TRI-ŠTYRI OPICE“ granted by the platform „Mliečne Zuby“ supporting young theatre artists. At this moment she is establishing her own theatre group Equiteatro.